Our vineyards are located in the heart of Valpolicella Classica, in the hills of the Negrar valley, at an altitude ranging from 190 to 450 meters above sea level.

The soils are different in nature: as the altitude progresses, clay gives way to limestone and then becomes paleovulcanic rock.

The vines are trained using the traditional pergola system: this allows us to protect the clusters from burns, thus preserving the freshness and aromaticity of our local varieties.

Several native varieties coexist in the vineyards: alongside Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella, the queen grapes of Valpolicella, there are also minor ones as tradition teaches. Turchetta, Pelara, Oseleta, Molinara, Spigamonti are part of our historical baggage Although less known and certainly more delicate in their management, they are nonetheless fundamental to the complexity and elegance of the wine. Not least, they are great allies in dealing with the climate changes we are experiencing.

These grapes are to us as color is to painters: each of them, albeit in a small percentage, is essential to complete the work



The move to a sustainability and circular economy approach was a logical choice for our family We are moved by the belief that the labors and work done by those who came before us is what allows us to work on quality and on elegance.
Something that cannot be weighed in terms of “I-Today” but necessarily requires a “We-Tomorrow.”

I Vigneti di Ettore - Valpolicella
I Vigneti di Ettore - Valpolicella


All grapes are harvested and selected by hand, directly in the vineyard in small plateaux.

This is to preserve and enhance their quality in winemaking It is wisdom, experience and technology that suggest the right time to cut the bunches, starting the magical process of fermentation that after a patient wait will bring to our glasses the aromas of a beverage as old as man.

Our belief is that a good wine requires the right bunch, so not only the fruit-by-fruit choice is crucial, but also the destiny given to it: harvesting and winemaking must go hand in hand and in perfect synergy.

I Vigneti di Ettore - Valpolicella
paolo e gabriele in cantina

Like any good thing, our wine is not the result of a “one man show.” We are fortunate to be accompanied by a group of dear friends, who have fully embraced our idea.
Each person working in our winery has an important role, which they play in collaboration with the others, as in an orchestra.
This is why the Galzega is an indispensable moment: the end-of-harvest celebration, it gives value to the perseverance and tenacity that everyone has put into their work.