It all began in 1930, when Gioanin bought the Casetta, the house where we grew up, and the surrounding vineyards.
This was the first nucleus of the current company, which then slowly grew to its present size

In the following decades Ettore invested time and energy in renovating the house and vineyards. With foresight, he also purchased additional land in the most suitable areas of the Negrar valley. Now the total vineyard area is about 19 hectares, divided into 5 plots: Moron, jago, Osteria Vecchia, Costa del Buso and Casetta.

With the collaboration of his son Giampaolo he has tested many traditional varieties, not only the best known, but also the forgotten ones: Turchetta, Pelara, Recantina, Spigamonti, which now represent a solid base on which to work.

“We have moved in the wake of tradition, valuing the legacy of past generations. Sometimes we ventured new combinations and new solutions. It has been a slow, strenuous growth, with some disappointments, but overall very fulfilling.
In it we have tried to cultivate a project of our own that would bring out the identity of our land and our character.”


Gioanin e Jolanda

Gioanin e Jolanda



In 2012 the story continues with Gabriele, who continues the path started almost a century earlier by his great-grandfather.
After graduating in oenology and gaining experience in other regions, he took over the winery and now personally oversees winemaking.
His task is to continue the dialogue with the legacy of the past with a fresh eye, in the knowledge that nothing is taken for granted, but that perfection is always in the making

All this journey is encapsulated in our name: “Vigneti di Ettore.
We cultivate our land, we vinify our grapes, we pursue our idea of wine.

Welcome to our home!

I Vigneti di Ettore - Giampaolo


I Vigneti di Ettore - Gabriele