“SOften do we find ourselves in the company of a good friend and a good glass of wine.

Herein lies the very essence of wine: friendship and sincerity.

And this is what has inspired me to cultivate a passion for wine and to give a hand to my grandfather in his great project.

I hope that you will come to share in these sentiments when you enjoy our wines”









Our vineyards are located in the heart of the Classic Valpolicella, on the hills of the Negrar valley, at an elevation ranging from 190 to 450 meters above sea level.

The soils are different in nature: as the altitude progresses, clay gives way to limestone and then becomes paleovulcanic rock.

The training of the vines is pergola-style, as per tradition: this allows us to protect the clusters from scorching, thus preserving the freshness and aromaticity of our local varieties.


Every year the vineyard gives us its fruit. It’s up to us to preserve its warmth without forcing it, by combining potential, longevity, and lightness; fragrances and aromas that reemerge without weighing down the sip.

vigneti-di-ettore premi


Our quality is demonstrated by the numerous awards we have received over the years.

I was born in Negrar. And Valpolicella has been my life.
My childhood memories are tied to wine. When the carts loaded with grapes for the Recioto arrived in the courtyard. In those clusters were gathered the toil and anticipation of a year’s work.
And time has passed since then. For over fifty years, I led the Negrar Winery and lived through all the transformations and events of Valpolicella: from difficult times, when the temptation to abandon the vineyards was strong, to the successes of recent years.
Now, I have passed on a beautiful legacy deeply rooted in the land to younger forces, and I have decided to directly vinify my own grapes.
A new challenge I embark on with a group of dear friends and my grandson Gabriele. To him, I hope to entrust, someday, not only my company, but also the passion for this work and the love for my land.


Ettore Righetti

Ettore Righetti